This is another project from my Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps Boot Camp. Creating Python Virtual Environments.


Developers often run into the issue of having multiple Python projects that have different requirements but must coexist. This is no different for Pythonistas. Virtual Environment (venv) module in Python was created to solve this problem.

The Virtual Environment (venv) module supports creating lightweight “virtual environments” with their own project directories which would isolate them from system directories and have its own independent set of installed Python packages in its project.

To learn more about venv, check out Python documentation 12. …

This is another project from my Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps Boot Camp. This document is based on a Learning Journal created by Paul Zhao, one of the coaches of Level Up In Tech.


What does web, software and game development, scientific and numeric applications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, enterprise-level and business applications all have in common? Well they are make great cases for using Python, the one of the most popular programming languages to date.

Guido van Rossum created it in 1989 but released it in 1991. Many think it was named after the python snake because…


This is another project from my Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps Boot Camp.

Using AWC CLI v2 to interact with EC2, IAM and Auto Scaling Groups.


Working with the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) is an essential skill. Some computing environments are headless, meaning there is no Graphical User Interface (GUI) installed nor not permitted or there might be a quick task to accomplish and using the AWS CLI is the right tool to accomplish this.

In this tutorial, your team has come to you to set up an Auto Scaling Group (ASG) using only the AWS CLI…

This is another project from my Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps Boot Camp.


We have been asked by our team to create and test our highly available Web servers to ensure that we have zero downtime.

Highly Scalable, Available and Fault Tolerant

Combining an application load balancer with an auto scaling group ensures that the architecture is highly available and fault tolerant. The application load balancer will distribute load to the WebServer instances in the two availability. The auto scaling group will ensure that instances scale up or down depending on the CPU Utilization. Imagine if you are a company who is having a sale…

I have been on a mission for years to change the face of IT. There needs to be more diversity in IT. When we have diverse perspectives we have better work environments, products and services.

Here is an opportunity to join me and change the face of IT! In July 2020, I had the pleasure of being a Lead Instructor for one of InTech Camp for Girls Summer Camps and in 2021 a Mentor for their InTech Academy. …

In the Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps boot camp, we are given projects to apply what we have been studying.


You have been tasked with setting up an architecture for your team to have a private instance in a private subnet for only your team to access. You will need to configure your architecture so your team can access that private instance from a Bastion Host.


To accomplish this scenario, we will build out the following components:

  • Create a Custom Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Create Internet Gateway and attach it to our custom VPC
  • Create Public and Private Subnets

It was so cool to see the middle school aged girls on Zoom raise their hands when the lead instructor for the TechGirlz Python Programming workshop posed that question at the end of the workshop.

A few Saturdays ago I had an AWESOME time being a teaching assistant during the Python Programming workshop.

TechGirlz logo

Taken from TechGirlz About Us page: TechGirlz is a nonprofit program of Creating IT Futures, a 501(c)3 nonprofit of CompTIA, that inspires middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers. …


Bootstrapping in AWS simply means to add commands or scripts to AWS EC2’s instance User Data section that can be executed when the instance starts. It is a good automation practice to adopt to ease configuration tasks.

Tutorial Objectives

  • Using the AWS Management Console to create an AWS EC2 instance.
  • Exposure to using bootstrapping AWS EC2 using Bash commands.
  • Understand how to view the results of bootstrapping commands.

The image below is a depiction of what we will accomplish after completing this tutorial.

Bootstrap code and AWS EC2 instance architecture

Here’s What You Will Need

  • An AWS account user with administrator access. No worries if you do not have one, please sign up for…

Don’t Panic

Friday, March 26, 2021 the culmination of two weeks of study and one week of test prep using A Cloud Guru/Linux Academy(Ryan Kroonenburg), Tutorial Dojo(Jon Bonso) and Digital Cloud Training(Neal Davis) was about to be tested. Yes, I was going into a testing center to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner(AWS CCP) certification exam. Mask on and sitting at the computer it was just me and the questions. I went through the first 20 questions with ease. Then I found myself marking more and more questions for review. What in the world! I just knew there were some machine learning…

During the Level Up In Tech (LUIT) AWS DevOps Boot Camp, we spent the first 3 weeks working on our Linux skills, CentOS 7 to be specific. WHY? Because 90% of Public Cloud workloads run on Linux!!! As a DevOps Engineer, one aspect of my role will be to create scripts that will automate the deployment environment.

It had been about 15 yrs since I worked in Linux. As a Presales Solution Engineer, I would create demonstrations and intellectual capital for Enterprise and Government customers about IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM Portal Server and Enterprise Service Buses. This was my…

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