• Chiugo Okpala

    Chiugo Okpala

    A Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure Architect by profession

  • Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson

    I’m currently transitioning into the tech community with no prior experience. I started this phenomenal program (level up in tech) of the advice of a friend.

  • Vivekanandauppu


  • Doug Foo

    Doug Foo

    Tech Manager by Day, ML Hacker by Night — founder: foostack.ai

  • Tamera Armstrong

    Tamera Armstrong

    Student in Level Up In Tech

  • Bmwitcher


    DevOps Engineer at ThreatConnect Inc. — AWS Certified DevOps Professional/Security Specialty/SAA, Gitlab Certified, Terraform Associate GCP-ACE Certfied.

  • Grk


  • Randall Surles

    Randall Surles

    Retired Army Ranger and Green Beret, Digital Nomad, Author, Developmental Editor. Find out more at www.randysurles.com.

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