Let’s Change the Face of IT!!!

I have been on a mission for years to change the face of IT. There needs to be more diversity in IT. When we have diverse perspectives we have better work environments, products and services.

Here is an opportunity to join me and change the face of IT! In July 2020, I had the pleasure of being a Lead Instructor for one of InTech Camp for Girls Summer Camps and in 2021 a Mentor for their InTech Academy. InTech Camp for Girls is a 501(c)(3) on a mission to inform and inspire girls to innovate in the technology industry through programs -mini, one-day and summer camps for middle school aged girls and Intech Academy to reach high school girls.

InTech Camp for Girls

I love working with these girls and showing them that they too can make IMPACT! When I heard one of the High School InTech Camp Student Ambassadors, Maria Morels-Salgado (read her story), share her of story of participating in a Silicon Valley Hackathon and being excited to see other people in this field that looked like her I cried because I too once felt that way. BTW she is getting a full ride to Princeton University.

The reality of the matter is YES IT TAKES MONEY to make change. In the words of our Executive Director, Khalia Braswell, “ Our scholars and team appreciate any gift you give. How exciting is it to think that your contribution would mean that more Black and Latina girls will go on to break glass ceilings and flip the dismal representation stats!”

Join me in donating to their birthday fundraiser before it closes on April 26, 2021, so they continue introducing Black and Latina girls to technology. https://intechcamp.org/donate/

Note:  Don't forget to check if your Employer will match your donations. 
Fund Raiser Donations

Your donations of talent, time and YES MONEY has been and will continue to be worth it!!!!


20+yrs of IT Industry expertise from working in and with global corporations in Cloud, Integration and Digital Experiences domains as Solutions Architect.