Project Documentation: Architecting and Building out AWS Virtual Private Cloud & Connecting to a Private Instance through a Bastion Host

In the Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps boot camp, we are given projects to apply what we have been studying.


You have been tasked with setting up architecture for your team to have a private instance in a private subnet for only your team to access. You will need to configure your architecture so your team can access that private instance from a Bastion Host.


To accomplish this scenario, we will build out the following components:

  • Create a Custom Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Create an Internet Gateway and attach it to our custom VPC
  • Create Public and Private Subnets
  • Create a Private Network Access Control List (NACL) and Associate it with the Private Subnet
  • Configure Public Subnet to Automatically assign Public IPv4 Addresses
  • Create a Public Route Table with IGW route
  • Create Bastion Host and Private EC2 instances
  • Successfully connected to the private instance from the bastion host in the VPC

The image below depicts our environment once the above tasks have been completed.

Solution Environment

Go to my Google Drive access the document with the specific steps to create the tasks.

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