Project Documentation: Creating an Auto Scaling Group with AWS CLI v2



Working with the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) is an essential skill. Some computing environments are headless, meaning there is no Graphical User Interface (GUI) installed nor not permitted or there might be a quick task to accomplish and using the AWS CLI is the right tool to accomplish this.


To accomplish this scenario, we will use the AWS CLI to execute the following:

  • Create an EC2 instance using the AWS CLI.
  • Create a Launch Template from the EC2 instance.
  • Create an Auto Scaling group from a Launch Template.
  • Clean up the AWS Environment.
  • AWS CLI v2 installed. Follow the steps in the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide documentation to install AWS CLI v2.
  • AWS CLI has been configured. Follow the steps in the Configuring the AWS CLI documentation to configure with a Region in us-east-1 and Output format of json.
  • AWS CLI Command Reference documentation will be heavily utilized in this tutorial so it is a good idea to bookmark it.
  • I am adding the new user to an existing group called SysAdmins. The permissions policies for this group is the AWS managed AdminstratorAccess.
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