Welcome to the AWS Certification World! AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Don’t Panic
Tips for studying for the AWS CCP
  • Get your hands dirty by doing some labs. The theory you STUDIED should now be put into practice. Sign up for an AWS free tier account and get in the AWS Management Console to start using the services. Spin up an EC2 instance, create a VPC and play around with S3, just to name a few things…hint hint lol. AWS provides tutorials.
  • Take practice exams early and often. This will help you understand how the questions are worded and identify the areas where you need to put in more STUDY! Use practice exams that will provide explanations for the correct and incorrect answers. You want to find out the WHY. Please don’t just remember the practice exam questions but understand the WHY.
  • Read questions carefully. Some times the wording can be tricky and you may miss some context clues. Those context clues will help jog your memory of the STUDY material. This goes for both the practice exams and the real exam.
  • Utilize the process of elimination. Since you did STUDY, chances are there are answers you can eliminate off hand. When you have identified 2 possible answers, go back and scrutinize the question for context clues.
  • Don’t second guess. It is when we start second guessing that we change right answers to the wrong answers. Trust yourself…remember you did STUDY!

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