Yes, everyone who has ever used Amazon Boto3 THIS IS US as we traverse through this Amazon river of services looking for ways to utilize our Python knowledge to automate tasks. As I was searching through Amazon Boto3 GitHub, I found this video and just chuckled because it depicts the origin of the name of Amazon Boto3. Botos are large, heavy river dolphins native to the Amazon river.

Mitch Garnaat, Principal engineer at AWS and creator of boto, botocore and AWS CLI, confirms below why he named it Boto.

Java Program Lifecyle: Code Compile Run

Yes these three words sum up what I have been focused on for the last couple of weeks. I have been working on Java training content for Strategio Technologists. DevOps Engineers have broad, cross functional skills. The truth of the matter is that in order to add even greater value to our teams, this is another skill that we should acquire.

It amazes me how Java is STILL one of the top programming languages to learn. I remember learning Java on the job as one of my first software engineering roles at Big Blue. Java is STILL around because for…


WHEWWWWWW what a week it has been! Yes I know it was a four-day work week here in the US due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday. This was one of those weeks that will test your bounce back! Merriam-Webster defines bounce back as to return quickly to a normal condition after a difficult situation or event.

This week I was getting my mind…arms…body…O everything I had into something I was working on. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was just not working out. As my CEO said, every week is…

As I spent time this week creating content for Java Basics classes, I found myself thinking WOW this is a full circle moment!


I say this because back in 2003, I worked with 3 other IBMers and an awesome project leader, Ueli Wahli (RIP),out in San Jose, CA at IBM Research — Almaden Lab to create content for a Redbook, WebSphere Version 5 Application Development Handbook.

One day I was having a healthy dialogue around the virtual “water cooler” with one of my former colleagues and friends, Flavio de Rezende — Solutions Architect at Redis. I was pitching to him the idea of technologists learning concepts and gaining hands-on experience along the way. Kinda like which comes first the chicken or the boiled egg (one of my fav ways to eat eggs lol).

Thinking back over my career, I have worked with all kinds of smart people. One thing I noticed about them is they were able to carve out agile careers based on continuous learning…

I often suggest to people before you join a company look at their culture. Their culture consists of many things including their values. You can go to a company’s Web page and review their social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc) to see consistency between stated values and actions taken to realize those values.

Working at a start up allows you to help shape and form that culture. I love how my CEO says we are all cultural co-founders. It is through culture that we can have a better understanding of how to increase diversity, equity and inclusion.

One of…

We Stealthy Over Here: Joining a Startup in Stealth Mode


What do you do when an amazing opportunity comes your way and in your gut you know you need to pursue it? Do you take it head on or do you let it slip through your fingers and say one day when I….

I like that saying, Day One or One Day. Well I chose the former — This was my Day One! When the CEO DMed me on LinkedIn with this opportunity, I thought wow this sounds too good to be true. It was everything and more I wanted…

Level Up In Tech Completion Certificate

On February 1, 2021, I embarked on a journey that changed the course of my career. I was intentional about doing whatever I needed to make this next chapter of my career what I wanted it to be. This is what I call being the architect of your career. From the moment I met with Broadus Palmer, I knew this was a divine connection. I had no doubt in my mind that this was the next leg I needed to reshape and advance my career. So I prayed and jumped in with both feet.

Reference Architecture

This is another project from my Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps Boot Camp.


How many times has the operations team heard “Well it works on my machine or in the Integration environment?” Or how many times have developers started working on several applications in different programming languages and find that they need to have specific database or web server for each of the applications…..O MYYYYY! Well containers to the rescue! Containers allow multiple applications to exists because they are self-contained. Containers only contain what is needed to run the application.

According to Docker’s web site, Docker is the defacto…

This is another project from my Level Up In Tech AWS DevOps Boot Camp. Creating Python Virtual Environments.


Developers often run into the issue of having multiple Python projects that have different requirements but must coexist. This is no different for Pythonistas. Virtual Environment (venv) module in Python was created to solve this problem.

The Virtual Environment (venv) module supports creating lightweight “virtual environments” with their own project directories which would isolate them from system directories and have its own independent set of installed Python packages in its project.

To learn more about venv, check out Python documentation 12. …

Nicole Ann Hargrove

20+yrs of IT Industry expertise from working in and with global corporations in Cloud, Integration and Digital Experiences domains as Solutions Architect.

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